Victor Cook majored in art at the University of Wyoming in the 1950's. There, he studied under Ilya Bolotowsky who later adopted the principles of the Dutch design group known as de Stijl through his association with Piet Mondrian in New York City.

At The Art Institute of Chicago, Mr. Cook produced several scale models of orthogonal structural compositions in the manner of de Stijl – first a sofa, then a house, followed by a chair and a coffee table.

Most of Mr. Cook's works were created in the last twenty years. Some of the pieces, like the Cordell Sofa and Sud Möbel Chair, are restorations of prototypes produced more than forty years ago. Several of the designs, like the Blue Island Bar, are new.

Professional Biography

Imagine a boy, twelve years old, from Oklahoma, living on a U.S.A.F. base in the Philippines in 1950 drawing plans for household furniture. That’s where I designed my first collection. It consisted of three pieces: a double bed with a freestanding sliding-door head board, a dressing table and a desk. These were built of solid Philippine mahogany. During that period I also took lessons in silk screen printing and drew cars rendered in 3D with chalk and ink.

In 1955 I applied to the Yale School of Art. Instead I joined the Art Department at the University of Wyoming which was near our new stateside assignment in Cheyenne. I studied under Ilya Bolotowsky who worked closely with Piet Mondrian in New York City in the early 1950's.

With a 1960 BA and a major in Fine Art I was able to land a job selling printing services store-to-store on commission in Tallahassee, Florida. Fortunately in my senior year I had a marketing course at FSU. My professor recommended me for a scholarship at LSU.

Maybe it was the mesmerizing afternoon summer heat pouring through the open classroom windows that made Professor Bernard Sliger's graphs dance across the blackboard. Or maybe my esoteric art training gave me a new perspective on his supply and demand curves. Either way these were simple, powerful, time-tested ideas! Over the years after completing my Ph.D. at Michigan I applied these ideas to competing public companies in many different competitive industries. This led a new theory of competitive markets published in 2005 as Competing for Customers and Capital. The fifty years between my seminar with Professor Sliger and publication of my book generated enough extra cash to fund the development of my furniture art.

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