Alex-Berry Table (1988)

The first Alex-Berry Table was born in a garage in the summer of 1988. One lazy day the artist's step-daughters, Alexandra and Berry, were looking for something to do. One of the little girls said "I know Victor, let's build a TV table in your style." The garage was actually a fully equipped wood working studio used to restore the original Sud Möbel Chair and Cordell Sofa after many years of use.

Following The Style’s pattern of creating artist’s proofs, the trio needed only a few dozen balsa sticks, Exacto knives and a box of marble head modeling pins to create their own artist's proof (shown above, right). True to de Stijl principles, no glue was used in the construction of this scale model. The original Alex-Berry Table was finished in July 1988 and has survived a lot of moving around since then.

In 2011, the 7th edition of the Alex-Berry Table was given to Alexandra by the artist on her 30th birthday. If one were to tip this table upside down, the artist's signature, edition number, and installation date would appear as in the image below.


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