Thomas Sideboard (1998)

Few of the masterpieces created by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld with his own hands survive to this day, and most of these are held in museum collections. It is believed that, in 1919, Rietveld produced only one edition of his sideboard which was later destroyed in a fire. That work inspired the artist to simplify Rietveld's original piece following the principles of de Stijl.

The Thomas Sideboard shown here is a page from The Style Collection 1998 catalogue as it later appeared in a 2000 The New Yorker ad campaign. The doors open from both sides so there is no "front" or "back". As with all pieces included in the SoHo Collection, the sideboard may be deconstructed for easy movement up a narrow staircase, small elevator, or around the world and reconstructed at a new location.

A Thomas Sideboard ad as seen in
The New Yorker.


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